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Share Your Story

Every piece tells a story and has a sentiment behind it
Personalized Jewelry

Personalized Jewelry

We let you offer a piece of your heart in gold.
Worldwide Delivery

Worldwide Delivery

Order a unique piece for your loved ones and let us deliver it for you.

SOIR - Personalized Jewelry

It all started with a customized gift for Aurelia & Estelle, two beautiful twin girls. I will never forget how I sat in my bedroom and sketched that first draft for a friend who really wanted to offer these little angels a meaningful piece of jewelry.

I loved their names and I wanted to create a design that captured the unbreakable bond of being a twin. When I checked what “Aurelia Estelle” meant combined – it turned out to be “Golden Star”.

We tell a story and the sentiment behind it

Find the Inspiration

Every piece tells a story and has a sentiment behind it. We let you offer a piece of your heart in gold.

We are humbled by the amazing feedback we get from our clients. Every piece is always made with so much love.

Our Clients Stories

Antoine NaderCarla GedayCarla MaaloufHala HashemMaha MansourReem EjjehSara Younes
Thank you Soir for making my feelings for my beloved ones made visible in a unique piece of art!!!
Antoine Nader
I first reached out to Soir to design my brother’s name in a masba7a pendant. She offered such beautiful designs to choose from, that I was hooked. The result was perfect and seamless end to end, from design to delivery! Today I again ordered a new necklace and without fail Soir offered a beautiful design! What can I say, all around majestic design and amazing customer service and delivery!
Carla Geday
I met Soir when she had posted the Lebanese Cedar tree and was donating to help the unfortunate cause in Lebanon... this was the first piece I got from her... since then I have added 3 pcs for myself... a bracelet for my brother.... a necklace for my mom... and gifts for friends... Soir’s love and passion shines in every piece she creates... from drawing to finalizing the actual piece to shipping it overseas... I must admit I am addicted and can’t get enough... I even enjoy watching her create pieces for people I don’t know... keep shining my dear.. this experience did not only gain me my pieces of precious jewelry... I gained a beautiful friend too
Carla Maalouf
I had cufflinks made with my husband's initials and they turned out perfect. Very professional service and design. Beautiful packaging and gift card! Highly Recommended
Hala Hashem
I loved my mother's day gift...amazing and creative design...very original and not deja vu.. perfectly crafted with not a single for soir, loved her professionalism and was able to deliver it on mother's day despite my very short notice.
Maha Mansour
A gorgeous piece of my beloved grandparent’s name done amazingly by Soir in their loving memory, couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. Flawless, creative, unique, very neat and clean!!! I can’t thank her enough!!
Reem Ejjeh
Si vous êtes à la recherche d'un cadeau personnalisé unique et raffiné il n y a qu elle. Elle vous fait sentir porter une pièce remplis d'amour, mercii Soir.
Sara Younes
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SARAH SERENA STEPHANIE | This piece carries the names of 3 daughters, the young ladies offered it to their beautiful mama as a birthday gift.

#daughters #namenecklace #soirdaou #madetoorder #customized #gold #diamonds

SY | For the love of sharks and diving, holding the initials to make it personal. ⁠

#shark #pin #soirdaou #jewelrydesign #personalizedjewelry #madetoorder

L Cross | When the Initial L and the Cross merge together to create this simple yet elegant ring. ⁠

#cross #ring #soirdaou #madetoorder #customizedjewelry #personalizedjewelry #gold #diamond

Every single item we make is handmade with a lot of love and attention to details. The design I make comes to life beautifully because of the amazing team that I have. ⁠

#goldsmith #soirdaou #personalizedjewelry #madetoorder #customizedjewelry #teamwork #gold

This is a little snapshot of what I keep on my desk. My kids are my world, my work is my passion. Love is my religion. ⁠ #love

This ring was a gift from a mother to her daughter to celebrate her marriage. It holds a beautiful sapphire that has been in the family for generations, we redesigned it into this modern ring.

#bluesapphire #diamonds #rings #soirdaou #madetoorder #personalizedjewelry

Aquamarine Rings | In loving memory of a father and a husband. We used his birthstone to make three identical rings for the mom and her daughters.

#aquamarine #aquamarinerings #soirdaou #madetoorder #inmemory

This pieces holds the family names, designed as a gift for the mom, studded in diamonds on the dots to make it sparkle.

#statementjewelry #soirdaou #madetoorder #personalizedgifts #custommade #gold #giftideas #gift

While visiting Deauville, we took a bike and rode to Honfleur, 18 km away. The scenery was so beautiful! The Architecture of this city is like a movie scene.

#deauvilleofficial #deauvillebeach #planchedeauville #honfleur #honfleurtourisme #honfleurfrance

A statement ring like no other! One of my favorite designs. You can write the names of the people that are closest to your heart, or a quote you live by, even a date that means to you!

#rings #soirdaou #madetoorder #customizedgifts #customizedesign #jewelry #jewelrydesigner #jewelryaddict

ZAKI | This piece holds a lot of emotions. It was designed in loving memory of a father gone too soon, shaped as an abstract crown because he was the king of his daughters’ hearts, we made two identical pieces for each sister to wear and remember him with love. @the_design_lab

#memorynecklace #namenecklace #soirdaou #personalizedjewelry #customizedjewelry #madetoorder #love #fromtheheart

Dareb El Sama | A steep walking trail from Sahel Alma all the way up to Harissa. Takes about an hour and a half and it is a bit difficult for someone who doesn’t do many hikes like me, but definitely worth it!

#darbelsama #harissa #cometolebanon #lebanon

A statement piece like no other carrying in the initial, studded in diamonds on the dots. ⁠
Designed for the beautiful @ruelulu as a birthday gift. ⁠

#handbracelet #cuffbracelet #soirdaou #handmadejewelry #madetoorder #personalizedjewelry⁠

Birthday girl turned 5 today! 😍


ANIS LAMIA | Two names hugging each other, symbolizing a couple that has been standing strong for decades. Lamia is studded in diamonds, and the dots of Anis are in diamonds to compliment the sparkle effect. ⁠

#namesnecklace #diamondnecklace #madetoorder #jewelrydesign #jewelryaddict #customizedjewelry #soirdaou #jewelrydesigner #diamonds

I love the creative process behind each design, I can spend my entire day just designing. My days are crazy though, I’m hoping in the next few months as I finish setting up the office, I can delegate more of the logistical work so I can focus my time on design.

#sketch #creativeart #arabiccalligraphy #soirdaou

What i love most about creating pieces of jewelry, is that you can see the process of thoughts materializing into life so beautifully. What starts as a simple idea I see in my head, I put it on paper, and then it is becomes a physical object. Every time I receive the final piece for examination, I am in awe of all the possibilities you can create from a simple thought. ⁠

#handmadejewelry #madetoorder #customizedjewelry #personalizedjewelry #soirdaou #madeinlebanon #goldsmith

It is a long journey from start to finish. It starts very rough and goes through fire before it eventually shines through!

#howitismade #sparkle #inproduction

If you’ve been following me for a few years, you probably noticed that my face suddenly became more visible. It was a conscious decision to stay anonymous all this time, I wanted my art to speak for itself.

But I was also not very comfortable to stand in front of the camera for many reasons, one of them is because I was not confident enough.

A year ago, I stumbled into meditation and it changed me. It gave me a certain clarity that helped me to finally become the face of the brand.

I’ve been working on a new idea that I will hopefully reveal soon, it is going to be the stepping stone that will take the brand to the next level.


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